Ezekiel 1:22

Hebrew Bible

21 When the living beings moved, the wheels moved, and when they stopped moving, the wheels stopped. When they rose up from the ground, the wheels rose up from the ground; the wheels rose up beside them because the spirit of the living being was in the wheel. 22 Over the heads of the living beings was something like a dome41, glittering awesomely like ice, stretched out over their heads. 23 Under the platform their wings were stretched out, each toward the other. Each of the beings also had two wings covering its body.

1 Enoch 14:10


9 And I went in till I drew nigh to a wall which is built of crystals and surrounded by tongues of fire: and it began to affright me. And I went into the tongues of fire and drew nigh to a large house which was built of crystals: and the walls of the house were like a tesselated floor (made) of crystals, and its groundwork was of crystal. 10 Its ceiling was like the path of the stars and the lightnings, and between them were fiery cherubim, and their heaven was (clear as) water. 11 A flaming fire surrounded the walls, and its portals blazed with fire.

 Notes and References

"... The description of the ceiling inside the house clearly resembles the dome of the sky in its description, including shooting stars and lightning flashes. This is similar to the crystal dome in Ezekiel 1:22 that is above the heads of the cherubim in the holy place in that vision. The description in 1 Enoch 14:11 also takes on elements from Genesis 1:7, adding that in the dome or in heaven there was water ..."

Townsend, Colby J. The Use of Scripture in 1 Enoch 1-36 (p. 99) University of Utah, 2016

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