Ezekiel 1:1

Hebrew Bible

1 In the thirtieth year, on the fifth day of the fourth month, while I was among the exiles at the Kebar River, the heavens opened and I saw a divine vision. 2 (On the fifth day of the month—it was the fifth year of King Jehoiachin’s exile— 3 the Lord’s message came to the priest Ezekiel the son of Buzi, at the Kebar River in the land of the Babylonians. The hand of the Lord came on him there.) 4 As I watched, I noticed a windstorm coming from the north—an enormous cloud, with lightning flashing, such that bright light rimmed it and came from it like glowing amber from the middle of a fire.

Joseph and Aseneth 14:3


1 And as Aseneth finished her confession to the Lord, lo, the morning star rose in the eastern sky. 2 And Aseneth saw it and rejoiced and said, "The Lord God has indeed heard me, for this star is a messenger and herald of the light of the great day. 3 And lo, the heaven was torn open near the morning star and an indescribable light appeared. 4 And Aseneth fell on her face upon the ashes; and there came to her a man from heaven and stood at her head; and he called to her, "Aseneth". 5 And she said, "Who called me? For the door of my room is shut and the tower is high: how then did anyone get into my room?"

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"... For our purposes, however, the most instructive example of borrowing from Ezekiel 1-2 appears in Joseph and Aseneth. In the book's fourteenth chapter, the heavens are split and a great light appears. Aseneth then falls on her face. A heavenly 'man', the commander of the host of the Most High, descends and calls to her. When she raises her head to see him, his face is like lightning, his eyes like sunshine, his hair a flame of fire and a burning torch ..."

Allison, Dale C. Acts 9:1–9, 22:6–11, 26:12–18: Paul and Ezekiel (pp. 807-26) Journal of Biblical Literature, Vol. 135, No. 4, 2016

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