Deuteronomy 32:36

Hebrew Bible

34 “Is this not stored up with me?” says the Lord, “Is it not sealed up in my storehouses? 35 I will get revenge and pay them back at the time their foot slips; for the day of their disaster is near, and the impending judgment is rushing upon them!” 36 The Lord will judge his people, and will have compassion on his servants;62 when he sees that their power has disappeared, and that no one is left, whether confined or set free. 37 He will say, “Where are their gods, the rock in whom they sought security, 38 who ate the best of their sacrifices, and drank the wine of their drink offerings? Let them rise and help you; let them be your refuge!

Psalm 135:14

Hebrew Bible

12 He gave their land as an inheritance, as an inheritance to Israel his people. 13 O Lord, your name endures, your reputation, O Lord, lasts. 14 For the Lord vindicates his people and has compassion on his servants. 15 The nations’ idols are made of silver and gold; they are man-made. 16 They have mouths, but cannot speak, eyes, but cannot see,

 Notes and References

"... Verse 10 contains three great affirmations: (1) Yahweh exercises the power of divine kingship; (2) the created world is immovably fixed, having been made that way by Yahweh; (3) Yahweh will “judge” the peoples of the world with equity (for Yahweh’s judgment of the nations, see Genesis 15:14; 1 Samuel 2:10; Psalm 7:9; 9:9; 76:9; 110:6; Job 36:31). Yahweh’s judgments “set things right,” punishing the wicked and granting help and protection for the righteous (compare Deuteronomy 32:36; Psalm 135:14; Job 35:14; Daniel 7:22 with Isaiah 3:13–14; Psalm 50:4). Sovereignty, stability, and equity are the key concepts. Howard argues for verse 10 as an independent unit in Psalm 96, serving as a bridge between verses 1–9 and verses 11–13. He notes the parallel between the almost identical formulas in v 3a, “declare among the nations” and that in 10a, “say among the nations.” ..."

Tate, Marvin E. Word Biblical Commentary: Psalms 51-100 (p. 914) Word Books, 2000

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