Deuteronomy 27:25

Hebrew Bible

23 ‘Cursed is the one who goes to bed with his mother-in-law.’ Then all the people will say, ‘Amen!’ 24 ‘Cursed is the one who kills his neighbor in private.’ Then all the people will say, ‘Amen!’ 25Cursed is the one who takes a bribe to kill an innocent person.’ Then all the people will say, ‘Amen!’ 26 ‘Cursed is the one who refuses to keep the words of this law.’ Then all the people will say, ‘Amen!’

Proverbs 15:27

Hebrew Bible

25 The Lord tears down the house of the proud, but he maintains the boundaries of the widow. 26 The Lord abhors the plans of the wicked, but pleasant words are pure. 27 The one who is greedy for gain troubles his household, but whoever hates bribes will live. 28 The heart of the righteous considers how to answer, but the mouth of the wicked pours out evil things. 29 The Lord is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous.

 Notes and References

"... Albinus’s successor, however, was even worse (Josephus, War 2.277; Antiquities 20.253–54), driving many to leave Judea (War 2.279; Antiquities 20.256). Gessius Florus, who, through his wife’s friendship with Nero’s mistress, later obtained the province of Judea in 64 C.E., allegedly despoiled entire cities (War 2.278), robbed the temple treasury (2.293–95), and plundered homes in Jerusalem (2.305). His abuse of power helped fan the Judean resistance into flame (War 2.293, 296; Antiquities 18.25) and provoke the Judean war (War 2.282–83; Antiquities 20.257). Most relevant here, he allegedly cared about nothing except receiving bribes (War 2.287). That Felix, though less rapacious than his successors, was also eager to take advantage of bribes is not only plausible but probable.787 Luke’s audience ideally might also think of the corruption of another governor who betrayed the innocent to satisfy other people’s favor (Luke 23:24–25). From a Jewish perspective, such behavior was unconscionable, a perversion of divine justice.788 God rejects bribes and commands his judges and servants to reject bribes lest they pervert justice. God will curse those who accept bribes to do injustice (Deuteronomy 27:25; Sirach 40:12–13), but bless those who refrain (Psalm 15:5; Proverbs 15:27; Isaiah 33:15). Josephus claims that his colleagues succumbed to bribery (Life 73) but that he himself did not (Life 79), though some were bribed to oppose him (Life 196) ..."

Keener, Craig S. Acts: An Exegetical Commentary, Volume 4 (pp. 234-235) Baker Academic, 2015

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