Daniel 8:10

Hebrew Bible

9 From one of them came a small horn, but it grew to be very great toward the south and the east and toward the beautiful land. 10 It grew so great it reached the army of heaven, and it brought about the fall of some of the army and some of the stars to the ground, where it trampled them. 11 It also acted arrogantly against the Prince of the army, from whom the daily sacrifice was removed and whose sanctuary was thrown down. 12 The army was given over, along with the daily sacrifice, in the course of his sinful rebellion. It hurled truth to the ground and enjoyed success.

1 Enoch 46:7


6 'And these are those who judge the stars of heaven, and raise their hands against the Most High, and tread upon the earth and dwell upon it. And all their deeds manifest unrighteousness, and their power rests on their riches, and their faith is in the gods which they have made with their hands, and they deny the name of the Lord of Spirits.' 7 'And they persecute the houses of His congregations, and the faithful who depend on the name of the Lord of Spirits.'

 Notes and References

"... The question of traditional imagery must be distinguished from the question of literary sources. One scholarly tradition, represented by Mar­tin Noth, and recently by Rollin Kearns, has held that a pre-Danielic 'Son of Man' source can be distinguished in Daniel 7:9-14. These verses are marked off from their context as poetry in the standard edition of the Hebrew Bible, Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, but many commentators have been reluctant to conclude that a switch from prose to poetry re­ quires a change of authorship. Besides, the poetic character of verses 13-14 has been questioned. The parallelism of classical Hebrew poetry is lacking in verse 13, and the whole chapter is written in a rhythmic style. Noth argued that the Similitudes of Enoch knew only these verses of Daniel 7, but his con­clusion has been questioned on the ground that a number of other allu­sions are possible. (Theisohn argues that 1 Enoch 46:7: 'And these are they who judge the stars of heaven' depends on Daniel 8:10. The case is stronger if one accepts the emendation of R. H. Charles, The Ethiopic Version of the Book of Enoch) Even if the author does not allude to any other part of Daniel, we cannot safely conclude that he was not acquainted with it, only that he was selective in his allusions. Since he clearly alludes to some verses in Daniel 7, and since these verses are not attested outside of Daniel, the simplest conclusion is that he drew on the Book of Daniel, rather than on its hypothetical source ..."

Collins, John J. The Scepter and the Star: Messianism in Light of the Dead Sea Scrolls (p. 194) William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2010

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