Amos 5:24

Hebrew Bible

22 Even if you offer me burnt and grain offerings, I will not be satisfied; I will not look with favor on your peace offerings of fattened calves. 23 Take away from me your noisy songs; I don’t want to hear the music of your stringed instruments. 24 Justice must flow like torrents of water, righteous actions like a stream that never dries up. 25 You did not bring me sacrifices and grain offerings during the 40 years you spent in the wilderness, family of Israel. 26 You will pick up your images of Sikkuth, your king, and Kiyyun, your star god, which you made for yourselves,

1 Enoch 39:5


4 And there I saw another vision, the dwelling-places of the holy, And the resting-places of the righteous. 5 Here mine eyes saw their dwellings with His righteous angels, And their resting-places with the holy. And they petitioned and interceded and prayed for the children of men, And righteousness flowed before them as water, And mercy like dew upon the earth: Thus it is amongst them for ever and ever. 6 And in that place mine eyes saw the Elect One of righteousness and of faith, 7 And righteousness shall prevail in his days, And the righteous and elect shall be without number before Him for ever and ever.

 Notes and References

"... Here the double water simile suggests such copiousness, as well as satisfaction in the time of need. The tristich as a whole may reflect a reworking of Amos 5:24 ..."

Nickelsburg, George W. E. A Commentary on the Book of 1 Enoch Chapters 37-82 (pp. 112-113) Fortress Press, 2012

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