2 Samuel 23:4

Hebrew Bible

2 The Lord’s Spirit spoke through me;his word was on my tongue. 3 The God of Israel spoke, the Protector of Israel spoke to me. The one who rules fairly among men, the one who rules in the fear of God, 4 is like the light of morning when the sun comes up, a morning in which there are no clouds. He is like the brightness after rain that produces grass from the earth. 5 My dynasty is approved by God, for he has made a perpetual covenant with me, arranged in all its particulars and secured. He always delivers me, and brings all I desire to fruition. 6 But evil people are like thorns—all of them are tossed away, for they cannot be held in the hand.

2 Enoch 66:8

Secrets of Enoch

6 For the Lord created all things. Bow not down to things made by man, leaving the Lord of all creation, because no work can remain hidden before the Lord's face. 7 Walk, my children, in long-suffering, in meekness, honesty, in provocation, in grief, in faith and in truth, in (reliance on) promises, in illness, in abuse, in wounds, in temptation, in nakedness, in privation, loving one another, till you go out from this age of ills, that you become inheritors of endless time. 8 Blessed are the just who shall escape the great judgment, for they shall shine forth more than the sun sevenfold, for in this world the seventh part is taken off from all, light, darkness, food, enjoyment, sorrow, paradise, torture, fire, frost, and other things; he put all down in writing, that you might read and understand.

 Notes and References

"... Occasionally it is possible to identify an exegetical link from the Targum back to the Hebrew text. Here is an example from 2 Samuel 22:3, where David praises God ... Targum Jonathan to this passage provides an expansion that leaves out some of the Hebrew, but actually renders a great number of its words within it ... Only the second line of the Hebrew text seems complete in the expansion, although it is spread over two sentences. Each of the other lines is represented by at least one word in the addition. The general tone of the expansion follows the Hebrew, but the wording is quite different, referring to robbers instead of violence, flight rather than refuge. Similar observations describe the addition at 2 Samuel 23:4 ... 'like the light of the morning', 'like the sun', 'will shine in the brightness' ... The two Hebrew words of the verse’s first line appear in the expansion; some of the words from the Hebrew’s second line are missing, but all of the third line appears as well. The meaning that the Targum puts to those words brings them far beyond the semantic context of the Hebrew text. It seems important to the interpreters, however, that the expansion represent those words. The numerology based on the number seven seems to have little connection with the verse, however, and the “righteous ones” are created as the new subject once the Hebrew’s subject from verse 3 is ignored ..."

Flesher, Paul V. M. & Chilton, Bruce The Targums: A Critical Introduction (pp. 50-51) Brill, 2011

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