2 Kings 9:22

Hebrew Bible

20 The watchman reported, “He reached them, but hasn’t started back. The one who drives the lead chariot drives like Jehu son of Nimshi; he drives recklessly.” 21 Joram ordered, “Hitch up my chariot.” When his chariot had been hitched up, King Joram of Israel and King Ahaziah of Judah went out in their respective chariots to meet Jehu. They met up with him in the plot of land that had once belonged to Naboth of Jezreel. 22 When Joram saw Jehu, he asked, “Is everything all right, Jehu?” He replied, “How can everything be all right as long as your mother Jezebel promotes idolatry and pagan practices? 23 Joram turned his chariot around and took off. He said to Ahaziah, “It’s a trap, Ahaziah!” 24 Jehu aimed his bow and shot an arrow right between Joram’s shoulders. The arrow went through his heart and he fell to his knees in his chariot.

Nahum 3:4

Hebrew Bible

2 The chariot drivers will crack their whips; the chariot wheels will shake the ground. The chariot horses will gallop; the war chariots will bolt forward! 3 The charioteers will charge ahead; their swords will flash and their spears will glimmer! There will be many people slain; there will be piles of the dead and countless casualties—so many that people will stumble over the corpses. 4 Because you have acted like a wanton prostitute—a seductive mistress who practices sorcery, who enslaves nations by her harlotry, and entices peoples by her sorcery 5 “I am against you,” declares the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. “I will strip off your clothes! I will show your nakedness to the nations and your shame to the kingdoms. 6 I will pelt you with filth; I will treat you with contempt; I will make you a public spectacle.

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"... Throughout the book of Nahum, the prophet taunts an unnamed female adversary. Clues in the text identify this woman as personified Nineveh, but ambiguity allows for multiple interpretations. In this article, I propose that the description of the woman in Nah 3:4 matches Queen Naqia. Biblical scholarship has not yet considered this link, probably because of her age when Nahum wrote. Nahum 3:4, however, mirrors a biblical depiction of Jezebel. When the verse is reconsidered in light of Jezebel, Naqia becomes a strong candidate for Nahum’s female enemy ..."

Cook, Gregory D. Naqia and Nineveh in Nahum: Ambiguity and the Prostitute Queen (pp. 895-904) Journal of Biblical Literature, vol. 136 no. 4, 2017

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