1 Enoch 91:19


17 And the first heaven will depart and pass away, and a new heaven will appear, and all the powers of the heavens will give sevenfold light. 18 And after that there will be many weeks without number forever, and all will be in goodness and righteousness, and sin will no longer be mentioned forever. 19 And now I tell you, my sons, and show you the paths of righteousness and the paths of violence. Yes, I will show them to you again that you may know what will come to pass. 20 And now, listen to me, my sons, and walk in the paths of righteousness, and do not walk in the paths of violence; for all who walk in the paths of unrighteousness shall perish forever.'

Testament of Asher 1:3

Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs

The copy of the Testament of Asher, what things he spake to his sons in the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life. For while he was still in health, he said to them: Hearken, ye children of Asher, to your father, and I will declare to you all that is upright in the sight of the Lord. Two ways hath God given to the sons of men, and two inclinations, and two kinds of action, and two modes (of action), and two issues. Therefore all things are by twos, one over against the other. For there are two ways of good and evil, and with these are the two inclinations in our breasts discriminating them.

 Notes and References

"... in T. Asher 1:3-5, the duality of existence as part of the created order is clearly connected with the Two Ways scheme ... In 1 Enoch (or the Ethiocpic Enoch) 91:18-19, a contrast is drawn between the ways of righteousness and the ways of wickedness ..."

Sandt, Hubertus W., and David Flusser The Didache: Its Jewish Sources and Its Place in Early Judaism and Christianity (p. 189) Royal Van Gorcum, 2002

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