Sirach 36:1

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

1 Have mercy upon us, O God of all, 2 and put all the nations in fear of you. 3 Lift up your hand against foreign nations and let them see your might. 4 As you have used us to show your holiness to them, so use them to show your glory to us. 5 Then they will know, as we have known, that there is no God but you, O Lord.

Augustine City of God 17.20

On the City of God Against the Pagans

But in Ecclesiasticus the future faith of the nations is predicted in this manner: Have mercy upon us, O God, Ruler of all, and send Your fear upon all the nations: lift up Your hand over the strange nations, and let them see Your power. As You were sanctified in us before them, so be sanctified in them before us, and let them acknowledge You, according as we also have acknowledged You; for there is not a God beside You, O Lord. We see this prophecy in the form of a wish and prayer fulfilled through Jesus Christ. But the things which are not written in the canon of the Jews cannot be quoted against their contradictions with so great validity.

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