Sirach 34:14

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

12 I have seen many things in my travels, and I understand more than I can express. 13 I have often been in danger of death, but have escaped because of these experiences. 14 The spirit of those who fear the Lord will live, 15 for their hope is in him who saves them. 16 Those who fear the Lord will not be timid, or play the coward, for he is their hope.

Clement of Alexandria The Instructor 1.8


And Plato, who had learned from this source, says beautifully: For all who suffer punishment are in reality treated well, for they are benefited; since the spirit of those who are justly punished is improved. And if those who are corrected receive good at the hands of justice, and, according to Plato, what is just is acknowledged to be good, fear itself does good, and has been found to be for men's good. For the soul that fears the Lord shall live, for their hope is in Him who saves them. And this same Word who inflicts punishment is judge; regarding whom Esaias also says, The Lord has assigned Him to our sins, plainly as a corrector and reformer of sins. Wherefore He alone is able to forgive our iniquities, who has been appointed by the Father, Instructor of us all; He alone it is who is able to distinguish between disobedience and obedience. And while He threatens, He manifestly is unwilling to inflict evil to execute His threatenings; but by inspiring men with fear, He cuts off the approach to sin, and shows His love to man, still delaying, and declaring what they shall suffer if they continue sinners, and is not as a serpent, which the moment it fastens on its prey devours it.

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