Psalm 49:19

Hebrew Bible

17 For he will take nothing with him when he dies; his wealth will not follow him down into the grave. 18 He pronounces this blessing on himself while he is alive: “May men praise you, for you have done well.” 19 But he will join his ancestors; they will never again see the light of day. 20 Wealthy people do not understand; they are like animals that perish.

Baruch 3:20


18 those who schemed to get silver, and were anxious, but there is no trace of their works? 19 They have vanished and gone down to Hades, and others have arisen in their place. 20 Later generations have seen the light of day, and have lived upon the earth; but they have not learned the way to knowledge, nor understood her paths, nor laid hold of her. 21 Their descendants have strayed far from her way. 22 She has not been heard of in Canaan, or seen in Teman;

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