Psalm 46:9

Hebrew Bible

7 The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is on our side. The God of Jacob is our stronghold. (Selah) 8 Come, Witness the exploits of the Lord, who brings devastation to the earth. 9 He brings an end to wars throughout the earth. He shatters the bow and breaks the spear; he burns the shields with fire. 10 He says, “Stop your striving and recognize that I am God. I will be exalted over the nations! I will be exalted over the earth!” 11 The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is on our side! The God of Jacob is our stronghold! (Selah)

Psalm 76:3

Hebrew Bible

1 For the music director, to be accompanied by stringed instruments; a psalm of Asaph, a song. God has revealed himself in Judah; in Israel his reputation is great. 2 He lives in Salem; he dwells in Zion. 3 There he shattered the arrows, the shield, the sword, and the rest of the weapons of war. (Selah) 4 You shine brightly and reveal your majesty, as you descend from the hills where you killed your prey. 5 The bravehearted were plundered; they “fell asleep.” All the warriors were helpless.

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