Psalm 2:7

Hebrew Bible

5 Then he angrily speaks to them and terrifies them in his rage, saying, 6 “I myself have installed my king on Zion, my holy hill.” 7 The king says, “I will announce the Lord’s decree. He said to me: ‘You are my son. This very day I have become your father. 8 Ask me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the ends of the earth as your personal property. 9 You will break them with an iron scepter; you will smash them like a potter’s jar.’”

Targum Psalm 2:7


5 Then he will speak to them in his strength, and in his wrath he will frighten them. 6 I have anointed my king, and appointed him over my sanctuary. 7 I will tell of the covenant of the Lord. He said: “You are as dear to me as a son to a father (abba), pure as if this day I had created you.” 8 Ask me and I will give the riches of the Gentiles as your inheritance, the rulers of the ends of the earth as your holding. 9 You will shatter them as with a rod of iron, like a potter’s vessel you will break them.

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