Psalm 2:2

Hebrew Bible

1 Why do the nations rebel? Why are the countries devising plots that will fail? 2 The kings of the earth form a united front; the rulers collaborate against the Lord and his anointed king. 3 They say, “Let’s tear off the shackles they’ve put on us. Let’s free ourselves from their ropes.” 4 The one enthroned in heaven laughs in disgust; the Lord taunts them. 5 Then he angrily speaks to them and terrifies them in his rage, saying,

1 Enoch 48:10


9 And I will give them over into the hands of Mine elect: As straw in the fire so shall they burn before the face of the holy: As lead in the water shall they sink before the face of the righteous, And no trace of them shall any more be found. 10 And on the day of their affliction there shall be rest on the earth, And before them they shall fall and not rise again: And there shall be no one to take them with his hands and raise them: For they have denied the Lord of Spirits and His Anointed. The name of the Lord of Spirits be blessed.

 Notes and References

"... This designation occurs twice in the Parables ... Its origin is in the royal messianic oracles in Psalm 2 and Isaiah 11. The double expression 'Lord of Spirits and his Anointed One' and 'the kings of the earth' echoes Ps 2:2 ..."

Nickelsburg, George W. E. A Commentary on the Book of 1 Enoch Chapters 37-82 (p. 117) Fortress Press, 2012

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