Psalm 119:105

Hebrew Bible

103 Your words are sweeter in my mouth than honey! 104 Your precepts give me discernment. Therefore I hate all deceitful actions. 105 נ (Nun) Your word is a lamp to walk by and a light to illumine my path. 106 I have vowed and solemnly sworn to keep your just regulations. 107 I am suffering terribly. O Lord, revive me with your word.

Proverbs 6:23

Hebrew Bible

21 Bind them on your heart continually; fasten them around your neck. 22 When you walk about, they will guide you; when you lie down, they will watch over you; when you wake up, they will talk to you. 23 For the commandments are like a lamp; instruction is like a light, and rebukes of discipline are like the road leading to life 24 by keeping you from the evil woman, from the smooth tongue of the loose woman. 25 Do not lust in your heart for her beauty, and do not let her captivate you with her alluring eyes;

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