Joshua 2:20

Hebrew Bible

19 Anyone who leaves your house will be responsible for his own death—we are innocent in that case! But if anyone with you in the house is harmed, we will be responsible. 20 If you should report what we’ve been up to, we are not bound by this oath you made us swear. 21 She said, “I agree to these conditions.” She sent them on their way and then tied the red rope in the window. 22 They went to the hill country and stayed there for three days, long enough for those chasing them to return. Their pursuers looked all along the way but did not find them.

LXX Joshua 2:20


19 And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall go outside the door of thy house, his guilt shall be upon him, and we shall be quit of this thine oath; and we will be responsible for all that shall be found with thee in thy house. 20 But if any one should injure us, or betray these our matters, we shall be quit of this thine oath. 21 And she said to them, Let it be according to your word; and she sent them out, and they departed. 22 And they came to the hill-country, and remained there three days; and the pursuers searched all the roads, and found them not.

 Notes and References

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