Joshua 2:15

Hebrew Bible

14 The men said to her, “If you die, may we die too! If you do not report what we’ve been up to, then we will show unswerving allegiance to you when the Lord hands the land over to us.” 15 Then Rahab let them down by a rope through the window. (Her house was built as part of the city wall; she lived in the wall.) 16 She told them, “Head to the hill country, so the ones chasing you don’t find you. Hide from them there for three days, long enough for those chasing you to return. Then you can be on your way.”

LXX Joshua 2:15


14 And the men said to her, Our life for yours even to death: and she said, When the Lord shall have delivered the city to you, ye shall deal mercifully and truly with me. 15 And she let them down by the window; 16 and she said to them, Depart into the hill-country, lest the pursuers meet you, and ye shall be hidden there three days until your pursuers return from after you, and afterwards ye shall depart on your way.

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