Jeremiah 51:38

Hebrew Bible

35 The person who lives in Zion says, “May Babylon pay for the violence done to me and to my relatives.” Jerusalem says, “May those living in Babylonia pay for the bloodshed of my people.” 36 Therefore the Lord says, “I will stand up for your cause. I will pay the Babylonians back for what they have done to you. I will dry up their sea; I will make their springs run dry. 37 Babylon will become a heap of ruins. Jackals will make their home there. It will become an object of horror and of hissing scorn, a place where no one lives. 38 The Babylonians are all like lions roaring for prey; they are like lion cubs growling for something to eat. 39 When their appetites are all stirred up, I will set out a banquet for them. I will make them drunk so that they will pass out, they will fall asleep forever, they will never wake up,” says the Lord. 40 “I will lead them off to be slaughtered like lambs, rams, and male goats. 41 “See how Babylon has been captured! See how the pride of the whole earth has been taken! See what an object of horror Babylon has become among the nations! 42 The sea has swept over Babylon. She has been covered by a multitude of its waves.

Jonathan Jeremiah 51:38


They will roar like lions, and will lift up their voice like young lions. Bring distress upon them, and they shall be like drunkards so as not to be strong. And they shall die the second death, and shall not live for the world to come, says the Lord. I will hand them over like oxen to slaughter and like rams with goats.

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