Isaiah 51:23

Hebrew Bible

21 So listen to this, oppressed one, who is drunk, but not from wine. 22 This is what your Sovereign Lord, even your God who judges his people says: “Look, I have removed from your hand the cup of intoxicating wine, the goblet full of my anger. You will no longer have to drink it. 23 I will put it into the hand of your tormentors who said to you, ‘Lie down, so we can walk over you.’ You made your back like the ground and like the street for those who walked over you.”

Baruch 4:25


23 For I sent you out with sorrow and weeping, but God will give you back to me with joy and gladness forever. 24 For as the neighbors of Zion have now seen your capture, so they soon will see your salvation by God, which will come to you with great glory and with the splendor of the Everlasting. 25 My children, endure with patience the wrath that has come upon you from God. Your enemy has overtaken you, but you will soon see their destruction and will tread upon their necks. 26 My pampered children have traveled rough roads; they were taken away like a flock carried off by the enemy. 27 Take courage, my children, and cry to God, for you will be remembered by the one who brought this upon you.

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