Isaiah 26:9

Hebrew Bible

7 The way of the righteous is level, the path of the righteous that you prepare is straight. 8 Yes, as your judgments unfold, O Lord, we wait for you. We desire your fame and reputation to grow. 9 I look for you during the night; my spirit within me seeks you at dawn; for when your judgments come upon the earth, those who live in the world learn about justice. 10 If the wicked are shown mercy, they do not learn about justice. Even in a land where right is rewarded, they act unjustly; they do not see the Lord’s majesty revealed. 11 O Lord, you are ready to act, but they don’t even notice. They will see and be put to shame by your angry judgment against humankind; yes, fire will consume your enemies.

LXX Isaiah 26:9


7 The way of the godly has become straight; the way of the godly has also been prepared, 8 for the way of the Lord is judgment; we have hoped in your name and in the remembrance 9 that our soul desires. In the night my spirit arises early toward you, O God, because your ordinances are a light upon the earth. Learn righteousness, you who dwell on the earth; 10 for the impious one has come to an end; he will not learn righteousness on the earth; he will not perform truth. Let the ungodly one be taken away so that he may not see the glory of the Lord. 11 O Lord, your arm is lifted up, and they have not known it, but once they realize it, they will be ashamed. Jealousy will take hold of an uninstructed people, and fire will now consume the adversaries.

 Notes and References

"... In a context that is remarkably similar to sapiential psalmody, the prophet at MT Isa. 26.9 feels the assurance that 'when your judgements are upon the earth, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness'. The LXX, however, understands the MT ... as though the verb were vocalized ... This requires the secondary alteration that construes [it] as a vocative, thus producing a hortatory tone which is entirely lacking in the prayer of the MT. Because this transformation has required no consonantal changes, it is an authorized imperativization."

Baer, David A. When We All Go Home: Translation and Theology in LXX Isaiah 56-66 (p. 29) Sheffield Academic Press, 2001

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