Deuteronomy 24:1

Hebrew Bible

1 If a man marries a woman and she does not please him because he has found something indecent in her, then he may draw up a divorce document, give it to her, and evict her from his house. 2 When she has left him she may go and become someone else’s wife. 3 If the second husband rejects her and then divorces her, gives her the papers, and evicts her from his house, or if the second husband who married her dies, 4 her first husband who divorced her is not permitted to remarry her after she has become ritually impure, for that is offensive to the Lord. You must not bring guilt on the land that the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance. 5 When a man is newly married, he need not go into the army nor be obligated in any way; he must be free to stay at home for a full year and bring joy to the wife he has married.

Sirach 42:9

Ben Sira, Ecclesiasticus

8 Do not be ashamed to correct the stupid or foolish or the aged who are guilty of sexual immorality. Then you will show your sound training, and will be approved by all. 9 A daughter is a secret anxiety to her father, and worry over her robs him of sleep; when she is young, for fear she may not marry, or if married, for fear she may be disliked; 10 while a virgin, for fear she may be seduced and become pregnant in her father's house; or having a husband, for fear she may go astray, or, though married, for fear she may be barren. 11 Keep strict watch over a headstrong daughter, or she may make you a laughingstock to your enemies, a byword in the city and the assembly of the people, and put you to shame in public gatherings. See that there is no lattice in her room, no spot that overlooks the approaches to the house.

 Notes and References

"... References to divorce in the intertestamental literature are sparse. Marcus apparently saw no need to include the subject in his discussion of halakhah in the Apocrypha or to include the Pseudepigrapha under his purview. Only three passages in Ben Sira possibly relate to the termination of marriage. These are Ben Sira 23:22–27; 25:2; and 42:9. Closer scrutiny indicates that 23:22–27 does not really refer to divorce. Ben Sira 42:9 utilizes the same term, “to hate,” that occurs at Elephantine and at Deut 24:3 and that is taken as introductory to divorce. Ben Sira 25:2 appears to allow divorce for any reason, Hillelite style."

Sigal, Phillip The Halakhah of Jesus of Nazareth According to the Gospel of Matthew (p. 130) Society of Biblical Literature, 2007

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