Deuteronomy 1:31

Hebrew Bible

29 So I responded to you, “Do not be terrified of them! 30 The Lord your God is about to go ahead of you; he will fight for you, just as you saw him do in Egypt 31 and in the wilderness, where you saw him carrying you along like a man carries his son. This he did everywhere you went until you came to this very place.” 32 However, through all this you did not have confidence in the Lord your God, 33 who would go before you on the way to find places for you to camp, appearing in a fire at night and in a cloud by day to show you the way you ought to go.

Isaiah 63:9

Hebrew Bible

7 I will tell of the faithful acts of the Lord, of the Lord’s praiseworthy deeds. I will tell about all the Lord did for us, the many good things he did for the family of Israel, because of his compassion and great faithfulness. 8 He said, “Certainly they will be my people, children who are not disloyal.” He became their deliverer. 9 Through all that they suffered, he suffered too. The messenger sent from his very presence delivered them. In his love and mercy he protected them; he lifted them up and carried them throughout ancient times. 10 But they rebelled and offended his Holy Spirit, so he turned into an enemy and fought against them. 11 His people remembered the ancient times. Where is the one who brought them up out of the sea, along with the shepherd of his flock? Where is the one who placed his Holy Spirit among them,

 Notes and References

"... Like the Hebrew which literally means 'to raise', 'to lift up', but actually imply 'to nurse' and 'to rear' (Isaiah 1:2; 23:4), so the verbs literally 'to carry', similarly imply 'to sustain' and 'to provide for' ... in the sense of 'provide for, take care of, support concerning Israel, compare Isaiah 46:3-4 ... See also Psalm 28:9 'and shepherd them and sustain [literally, "carry"] them forever', and compare Isaiah 63:9: 'And he raised them and sustained [literally, "carried"] them all the days of old.' In a context similar to that of Deuteronomy 1:31 we find the same idea in Numbers 11:12 ... In this case also, 'carrying' and 'taking care' overlap. Compare also Hosea 11:1, 3-4 ... Note that the motifs of carrying/loving a child and guiding it occur in both Deuteronomy 1 and Hosea 11 (compare 'to spy' in Hosea 11:3, with 'to scout' in Deuteronomy 1:33). Compare also Jeremiah 31:8, 19. The idea of God's providential care of Israel in the wilderness is an oft-repeated theme in Deuteronomy (compare 2:7; 8:3-4; 29:4). The idea of provision in the wilderness is expressed by the verb 'to sustain, nourish' in Nehemiah 9:21 ..."

Weinfeld, Moshe Deuteronomy 1-11: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary (pp. 148-149) Doubleday, 1991

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